Hazel Mountford
Winner of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year- British mammals in 2009, Hazel Mountford captures the essence of each animal she paints through a combination of meticulous study, strong technique, use of canvas space and shape, and a real eye for the drama in the natural world.

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Hazel Mountford is an animal painter, who has a particular interest in the competition for space between humans and animals and between animal species. The care and attention she puts into each work is immediately evident and the combination of this attention to detail and the stark white backgrounds she often paints on, makes the images come to life.

Hazel's current work is focused on the wildlife of Great Britain both past and present and the evolving relationship of space between humans and animals. They are painted life-size in acrylic on angled gesso panels. In 2009, Hazel won the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year- British mammals with her 'descending hare'.

In Hazel's own words:

I aim to convey in purely visual terms the mixed fortunes of varying populations, for instance I picture the up/down wing beat of birds echoing their ever changing position of day to day existence. Painting on angular irregular panels my animals/insects interact with the gradient line. To focus intensely on the story of the individual animal I have dispensed with the clutter of background detail, leaving only white space. In this way the viewer is invited to have a more personal relationship with my subjects, which is also why my animals look you in the eye.