Mark Hall
Mark Hall's sculpture is a joy to behold - at once both skilful in its execution and playful in its form, encouraging the viewer to touch as well as look at the piece.

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Mark Richard Hall was born in 1970. He lives and works in Dorset. A dedicated professional artist and sculptor for the last 18 years, Mark's sculpture is exhibited and collected across the world. His work is renowned for its wit and skilful execution.

Mark had a fascination for sculpture from an early age when taken to the bright lights of London as a small child and exposed to the work of Rodin.

That really was a seminal moment for me, I was completely hooked by the powerful physical presence of sculpture and the fact you could touch something so tangible. I was simply awestruck and really don't think anything was the same for me after that day

I love sculpture. I love the way you can actually have a physical relationship with it, take pleasure in its tactility and share the journey of the sculptor. It's an art form that engages on so many levels and often on levels that are difficult to explain. I like to play with it, have fun with it and try to bring to you impressions and thoughts that have marked my time here so far.

We loved Mark's work as soon as we saw it. You can't help but touch the pieces and enjoy the tactile as well as visual experience of each and every piece.