Mungo Powney
Mungo Powney's ability to draw out the fascinating from the everyday have made him one of the most renowned and sought after British painters around today.

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Raw Umber
Mungo Powney is a renowned British artist who draws on the everyday to create incredible work demonstrating his fascination with palette and his ability to feel colour, rather than just observe it - drawing on the influence of great painters before him such as Vuillard and Bonnard. Powney paints from life, drawing out a fascinating narrative and visual quality to accompany the everyday scenes that can often be overlooked.

Mungo says:

In my paintings an abstract composition is the heart of the mood but I love objects and people and I want to paint them. Subject matter is becoming more and more important to me. I will spend days obsessing over what object a painting is thirsting. My work is quite varied because I believe that my best work is when I am experimenting.